Restaurant and Farm at Bongkasa

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Restaurant & Farm at Bongkasa

Bali has developed vastly over the past years. Buildings are being knocked down and rebuild to accommodate the need of new spaces. We were approach by our client to build something special here. The 7,8 Hectare site is located in Bongkasa Village, which is located across the Ayung River. The site is across the Sayan region and is 20 minutes away from Central Ubud. The development of Sayan has been immense, many great hotels and others. However, Bongkasa has not received the same attention as Sayan. This region offers a very strong traditional Balinese village atmosphere with strong cultural aspects. The site holds a great potential, hundreds of coconut trees, 1.117 coconut trees to be exact, and some amazing ruins and remains of a previous project. The site became a perfect location for Restaurant.

Restaurant & Farm in Bongkasa Bali Architect 01
Restaurant & Farm in Bongkasa Bali Architect 01

We believe that architecture should embrace the culture and should be very graceful in approaching a site. We approached the design with sustainability and eco friendly in mind. The client requested an organic restaurant, surrounded by the actual organic farm which will provide the raw food to the kitchen. It came to our concern that we should respect the nature of Bongkasa in all ways that were possible. The site offers a great potential in natural resources + existing buildings, we saw this as a great starting point to approach our design. Coconut wood and existing structures.

Restaurant & Farm in Bongkasa Bali Architect 01 Restaurant & Farm in Bongkasa Bali Architect 04

One of the sites great potential is its immense availability of coconut trees planted all over this huge piece of land. Therefore, we approach the design by being as sustainable as possible. We then decided that the main construction material could actually come from the site itself, coconut tree wood. With that in mind, we entrusted the processing of the trees into building material to the local people of Bongkasa. After several calculations we were able to get 90% of the necessary building material from this very site.

Restaurant & Farm in Bongkasa Bali Architect 05
Restaurant & Farm in Bongkasa Bali Architect 06

We kept the existing structures as they were and brought them into an architectural statement. Its natural red-ish and aged finish that we liked so much have a very strong character toward the architecture. We then came up with the idea to design around or on top of these structures, simply creating a shell of wood above these structures. Additionally, we decided to keep as many coconut trees as possible, providing a very tropical background to this farm.

Restaurant & Farm in Bongkasa Bali Architect 07

Aside from taste of the food, a restaurants other important thing would be the atmosphere of the building itself. As we are in a beautiful tropical and lush environment, we designed a connection and interaction between the architecture and the tropical nature. Also, we decided to make the spaces as open as possible as you will be able to interact with the farmers while they’re working.

Restaurant & Farm in Bongkasa Bali Architect 08
Restaurant & Farm in Bongkasa Bali Architect 09

We believe that everything can be experienced, and everything you feel depends on how you look at it. Well to this project, we tried to give all sorts of visual experiences. Firstly, some include enclosed surprises behind aged walls, or peeking through a timber screen. Secondly, looking directly at the tropical surrounding, and even feel and smell it directly. Thirdly, having in interaction with the farmers and chicken wandering around the site.

Restaurant & Farm in Bongkasa Bali Architect 10


Location: Bongkasa, Bali

Function: Farm & Organic Restaurant

Land Area: 7,8 Hectare

Building Area: 850 sqm