Who We Are

Bada was established in 2014 on the tropical island of Bali. We are a team of architects and designers collaborating closely with multi-discipline professionals and masters such as engineers, gardeners, botanists, wood and stone carvers, carpenters, travelers, and many more moving in the world of Architecture.

Our focus is not only on form and function but materials and texture, life cycle, seasons, space and light, locality, culture, and lifestyle are our nutrition for our ideas.

All together we believe in bringing well-grown architecture to the people and giving a story behind each space to enrich our lives and for everyone to enjoy.

Our Architecture / Approach

To us, there is no outside and inside, architecture is also the environment itself. Our interior is part of the landscape, and the landscape is our interior space.

Materials are an important part of our Architecture and like to start approaching a site by seeing what materials and resources it has to offer.

We believe that local materials are very essential in our designs to give the building its identity of location and time. The combination of local materials, landscape, light, and texture makes this our architecture.

How We Work

Architecture is often misunderstood as a process of designing a physical building. We believe that architecture is a space designed, organized, and structured into a physical appearance of a building. Space is invisible but you can feel and sense it by the barriers surrounding it.

We praise the slow process of design because we understand that everything needs time to “grow”. Fruits and vegetables need a certain amount of time to become ripe and be ready for harvest. We trust that the marriage between the right amount of time and good nutrition will bring a masterpiece of good design.