Bada And Green Architecture

Coffee Break

Global warming and green architecture has been an issue for some time now and will keep spreading and growing. When you buy a car that is “Eco Friendly”, how eco do you think it really is? The engine has been almost twice around the world, parts come from China, America, Europe, and elsewhere and then mounted together in a factory somewhere, after all this it is finally shipped to your garage. We believe that this process alone is already causing wasteful uses of energy. The same goes with architecture where we purchase Italian marble, Chinese granite, Indian stones, German door handles and bring all these from around the world to a single place.

Geoffrey Bawa old architecture studio converted into a cafe in Srilanka
rustic steel door in a tropical environment

To achieve a green architecture, we believe there is a simple solution that may reduce the impact towards the environment and becomes sustainable and beautiful. We believe that the use of local materials, locally crafted equipment, home grown wood, etc. is the way to go. We would like to think that when we are growing ideas for architecture, we should research the local resources the site has to offer which can be used as potential building materials and therefore making a strong relation to the locality of place. While being environmental friendly and sustainable with this local approach, hopefully we will improve the future together.

clay bricks meet aged traditional Balinese rattan weaving a coconut leaf being carried by a Balinese farmer to create a tropical traditional architecture