Kedungu Villas Bali

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Kedungu Villas Bali

Our project sits on an 800 sqm coconut tree intense piece of land in Kedungu, Bali. The Kedungu region in Tabanan shares the same coastline as the famous Canggu beach. Its unique characteristics give our project an interesting identity, villas among the coconut trees. In addition, the site is hidden from the main road giving it a surprise arrival.

Kedungu Villas Model 1 Kedungu Villas Model 2

The site has quite a few well-grown coconut trees and mango trees spreading across the entire land. Due to this, we feel that we should take this as a key feature of the concept. Each of the trees either penetrates or touches the buildings in different ways. Some of them go straight through the roof. While others barely touch the buildings. Others are respected by adjusting the position and mass of the buildings. As a result, every plot has its own arrangement and is different from one another. This in return, makes each and every villa unique.

Kedungu Villas Elevation
Kedungu Villas Aerial View 1

Kedungu Villas Villa 3

"Building and shaping each character out of distance, shadow, light, and texture. Inviting the trees and bringing them to the foreground. No one can resist gazing out at it"

Kedungu Villas Aerial View 4

Kedungu Villas Aerial View 2
Kedungu Villas Aerial View

Kedungu Villas Dining and Kitchen 1

Designing the villas, we want to embed the architecture into the local context. Firstly, we are taking on the horizontality and verticality of the coconut trees. By doing so, we apply the horizontal and vertical lines to the architectural and interior design language. The design language translates to using a lot of lines in architecture, materiality, and textures.

Kedungu Villas Idea 2 Kedungu Villas Idea 1 Kedungu Villas Living Room 3

Kedungu Villas Living Room 2
Kedungu Villas Living Room 2

Kedungu Villas Living Room 1

Spatial-wise, we want to have different experiences for each of the 3 villas. One example would be, the playfulness of double volumes and compressed spaces is one of the architectural features that we use in this project. In addition, each of the main spaces has a different location and spatial experience. However, all of these differences share one connection, the roof spanning through all villas.

Kedungu Villas Bedroom Interior

Kedungu Villas Bathroom Vanity
Kedungu Villa outdoor bathroom

Kedungu Villas Swimming Pool