Leaf Berawa Townhouse Bali

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Leaf Berawa Townhouse Bali

Leaf Berawa Townhouse Bali is our take on a townhouse design for Bali, Indonesia. It consists of 6 townhouses sitting on a 1.300 sqm uniquely shaped piece of land. Due to the site’s unique shape, we had to find the best balance between open spaces and covered areas. As a result, our idea is to have 2 types of houses that share the same aesthetic and concept. All in all, this is to accommodate the requirements and sizes needed for each of the townhouses.

Leaf berawa townhouses front elevation

Leaf berawa townhouses rear elevation
Open air arrival corridor leading to living and dining space

Backward facing entrance corridor Leaf berawa townhouses kitchen and dining space from fish pond

The Leaf Berawa Townhouses combines modern luxury with Balinese cultural values. As a starting point, we took our inspiration from the traditional Balinese mud walls, commonly known as “dinding pol-polan”. These walls have a strong texture character and color palette ranging from brownish-cream to earthy-brown. In addition, strong accents of brick red, and gold-yellow commonly decorate these walls. In addition to the mud walls, we want the project to have a texture feature. For this, we took the traditional bamboo weave of Bali as our inspiration.

Leaf berawa townhouses sunken living room space

Night view of leaf berawa townhouses living room
Rear garden area with swimming pool and deck

Leaf berawa townhouses living and dining room Leaf berawa townhouses dining and kitchen space

The architectural idea for Leaf Berawa Townhouses is to be modern and importantly to have as much daylight as possible. To achieve this, we added gaps between spaces, a central courtyard, and more. By doing so, we allow every space to have access to sunlight.

Internal courtyard view with fish pond and water feature

Upstairs corridor with hanging plants from roof
Home office space night view

Typical bedroom aesthetic with brass gold accents

Desk space at bedrooms
Typical bathroom and shower space

Typical bedroom space with large openings

Night view of bedrooms
Night view of bathroom

To achieve the look and feel that we are aiming for, we are using lime-wash textured paint and pressed texture off-form concrete wall finishes. These colors will be matched with the Balinese mud walls. As for the floor finish, we are using a similar color terrazzo finish. When it comes to the interiors, we want to feature the redness of the Balinese terracotta bricks and the highly respected yellow gold of the Balinese culture. The interiors will have terracotta-colored fabrics and brass gold accents as aesthetic features. All together, we get a rich culturally inspired project with modern adjustments.

Roof top open living room Night view of roof top living room