Rumah Besar Sembalun / Lombok

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Rumah Besar Sembalun / Lombok

Rumah Besar Sembalun is a competition project for the tourism department in Lombok, Indonesia. The center will be a tourism destination and gate to one of Indonesia’s beautiful volcanoes, Mount Rinjani. Therefore, the concept is to create a compound of a variety of tourism activities.

Location Map of Sembalun Project


Location: Sembalun Lawang Village, East Lombok, Indonesia

Stage: Competition Design Proposal

Function: Rumah Besar (information center, administration office, culture center)

Year: 2016

Land Area: 5.827 sqm

Building Area: 821 sqm

Side elevation of the project Approach of the project

Paddies and playfulness of the roof architecture
Elevated roof with roof garden

Its key feature is as a preservation center of Sembalun traditions. Such traditions include, cultures, farming, agriculture, and common social activities. At the same time, it will exhibit hand woven fabrics famously known in Lombok. All together, the Rumah Besar Sembalun is a center of culture and tourism under one roof. 

Lobby and lounge view of the project

Corridors between the buildings
Communal courtyard space

Rice paddies and mass configuration of the architecture Dining space

The architectural concept comes from adopting the geometrical shapes of local farms and rice paddies. By implementing this idea, we want to achieve a soft and neutral modern look to the existing village. As a result, the center will have a strong architectural relationship with the local architecture.

Internal elevation of Rumah Besar Sembalun Cafe with a window to the garden

Museum Space for Lombok traditions
Kids Playground with swings

Cafe Close Up to the view

Another architectural feature is the fragmentation of buildings. This approach is to mimic the traditional village like pathways in between buildings. By doing so, we hope to represent the experience of walking through an old Indonesian village.

Roof Top with vegetable garden and mountain background of Rumah Besar Sembalun

Corridor view between buildings
Corridor view between buildings

The materials we use through out this project are from the local surroundings. First on the list, the wood we are using is Suren Wood. It is famous among the local people of Sembalun to construct houses. Secondly, the bamboo panels we use are commonly used in fencing a property. Our idea is to use these panels as wall dividers and space dividers. Also, to not use glass we want to replace it with the same bamboo panels as some panels will allow light penetrations. Thirdly, the colour of the soil is mixed into the cement to create earth-like wall finishes. And finally, we apply local stones to ground cover and some structural wall elements. All together, the materials will blend together with the landscape and existing architecture. As a result, it will create a seamless architectural language between the center and the village.

Gap Between Buildings

Rumah Besar Sembalun Lombok Architecture Corridor
Rumah Besar Sembalun Lombok Architecture Roof Top

Rumah Besar Sembalun Lombok Architecture Aerial View