Rumah Haruku Pejeng Bali

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Rumah Haruku Pejeng Bali

Rumah Haruku Pejeng Bali is home to Tijn & Raisa, a lovely couple from the Netherlands. They started their journey with us, building their dream home in 2022. The site is hiding away within the hills of Pejeng, Bali. A tropical forest surrounds the site with tall trees and lush plants. When we started the project, we straight away fell in love with the site and its potential. That being said, we were looking forward to designing something special here.

Entrance and arrival of Rumah Haruku Pejeng

Dining room of Rumah Haruku Pejeng with Japanese vibes
Approach to main house of Rumah Haruku Pejeng

Night overview of rumah haruku pejeng

We at BADA studio always take nature as part of our design concept. Therefore, for rumah haruku pejeng we want to preserve as many trees as we can. The site has fully-grown champak, coconut, and jackfruit trees. Due to this, we want to integrate and design the house around these trees making them a feature of the experience. By doing so, the house will look and feel protected, secluded, and most importantly, timeless.

Side view of rumah haruku pejeng main house

Corridor at rumah haruku pejeng
Dining and kitchen view of main house

Night view of main house rumah haruku pejeng Living room view looking towards the valley

Main house outdoor terrace and roof
Architectural material communication between sirap, stones, and wood

For the architecture, we took inspiration from traditional Bali and Japanese houses. One main architectural feature of Rumah Haruku Pejeng is the layered pitch roof. The idea behind this roof came from the traditional “rumah panjang” in Borneo. After that, we studied and developed a modern version of this roof and applied it to the house. Additionally, we want to keep the eve of the roof as low as possible while keeping the height comfortable and functional. As a result, we want to achieve a well-proportioned spatial experience.

Bird eye view of rumah haruku pejeng

Guest bedroom approach through garden
Guest bedroom view from garden

Guest bedroom view from road

We believe that using more local materials will be more sustainable for our planet. Therefore, Rumah Haruku Pejeng uses only locally sourced materials. These include ulin shingles, yellow balau wood, local cement tiles, local stone cladding, and local lontar mats. Combined, these materials feel and look very local. Altogether, this project becomes a modern version of a traditional and locally inspired recipe.

Master pavilion exterior view

Master bedroom corridor
Master bathroom

Master bedroom view Swimming pool and pool deck area

Night view of pool deck area towards master pavilion
Aerial view of the house

Home office view of rumah haruku pejeng Aerial view of house