Rumah Kandang Pohon / Lombok

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Rumah Kandang Pohon / Lombok

The “Rumah Kandang Pohon” is located on the island of Lombok, Indonesia. It is surrounded by the Tropical island landscape with hundreds if not thousands of coconut trees around the neighboring lands. The site is located only 10 minutes from the beach with Senggigi market right around the corner. During our visit, it took us an hour’s drive from the airport which was a nice experience driving through the island. The house is owned by our dear friend and builder in Lombok.

Drive way view looking towards entrance door

Location: Krandangan / Lombok

Stage: Concept Proposal

Year: 2020

Function: Private Residence

Land Area: 1050sqm

Building Area: 400sqm

Fully open dining room surrounded by landscape

We started our design process by examining the existing conditions of the site. 2 existing mango trees including a swimming pool were already sitting on the site. We prioritize our design by being respectful of nature. Because of that, we brought the idea to embrace and respect the 2 existing trees and make them the key feature of the house. We decided to build around these 2 trees and create a tropical forest inside the house. As a result, the name of the project “Kandang Pohon” was born. To allow for airflow and plenty of daylight, the house was punctured with courtyards and gardens. As a result, it creates a very interesting spatial experience.

Fully open dining room with continuous views through the whole property

Rumah Kandang pohon fully open living room
Rumah kandang pohon living room looking towards the 2 mango trees
Rumah kandang pohon outdoor sunken sofa area and swimming pool

Rumah kandang pohon swimming pool looking through the whole house
Swimming pool, pool deck, and mango trees

Our concept for this tropical house was to create layers and layers of spaces with a strong visual and spatial connection. Overlooking spaces, through gardens, to another space and another garden. We repeated this method throughout the whole concept design process. This conceptual approach allows the project to have continuous spaces vertically and horizontally. Finally, it became the idea behind the Rumah Kandang Pohon concept.

Continuous space from dining room all the way to swimming pool area

Typical bedroom looking out towards swimming pool area
Master bedroom overlooking swimming pool and mango trees