Rumah Tinggi / Lombok

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Rumah Tinggi / Lombok

Located on the island of Lombok, Indonesia, Rumah Tinggi sits on an almost square and flat piece of land just off the famous Senggigi Market. Additionally, a tropical island landscape surrounds the 1.000 sqm site. The Coconut trees spread across the neighboring lands. With this in mind, the site is 10 minutes away from to the beach and tourist activities.

Rumah tinggi arrival, entrance and parking space

Location: Senggigi / Lombok

Stage: Concept Proposal

Year: 2020

Function: Private Residence

Land Area: 1025sqm

Building Area: 380qm

Rumah tinggi entrance door and overlapping wooden structure Arrival view at rumah tinggi

The idea of the Rumah Tinggi came from one of the traditional houses on the island of Papua, Korowai. This tribe erects buildings tall up in the trees. They do so to protect themselves from creatures lurking in the forests. Also, they protect themselves from non-tribal people or outsiders. With this in mind, we applied this privacy concept to our design. The upper floor is the private area, and the bottom floor is the public space.

Living and dining room at rumah tinggi
Rumah tinggi architecture, wooden upper floor
Rumah tinggi cabana and swimming pool area
Rumah tinggi lombok overview of the architecture
Rumah tinggi lombok pool deck area

We took the idea of this wooden constructed house and made a modern version of it. While keeping local and traditional wood construction and joinery, the spaces will have lots of airflow and sunlight. By doing this, we are giving the house its tropical atmosphere. Every space is designed to have the best possible ventilation to make it more sustainable.

Rumah tinggi lombok living room view Rumah tinggi lombok living room view Rumah tinggi lombok living room view

Rumah tinggi typical bedroom view
Rumah tinggi lombok home office view

The house consists of 3 bedrooms with 1 Master Suite and 2 Guest Rooms. Each of the rooms above has an en-suite bathroom with potential views and an outdoor area. Included in the brief was a private studio office to accommodate the client’s work space and home office. We designed the Living and Dining space completely open giving it a Tropical feel. By doing so, we are connecting nature and the internal space. As a result, we hope to achieve a more sustainable architecture.

Rumah tinggi lombok master bedroom view Rumah tinggi lombok exterior view