Sempol Apartments Bali

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Sempol Apartments Bali

Sempol Apartments Bali sits in a strategic location close to the famous Canggu area of Bali. It offers a total of 6 apartments ranging from 2-bedroom units and 1-bedroom units. Each unit has its own living room, dining room, and kitchenette. Due to the site limitations, the building needs to be 2 stories tall. This is to accommodate the requirements for the apartments.

Sempol Apartments Bali side view from neighbours

Sempol apartments bali stacked mass and privacy screens
Sempol apartments bali aerial view

Distant view of the project, exterior view

Our idea for Sempol Apartments Bali is to take inspiration from the Balinese culture and the site’s surroundings. Observing the surroundings, this area used to be a barn for chicken farmers. In response to this fact, we are using the traditional Balinese henhouse architecture as our inspiration for this project. The long, narrow, and tall gabled roof structure works perfectly for the characteristics of this site. Additionally, the sloped contour of the site gives an extra character to the project. We split the mass into 4 blocks, stepping down and following the contour.

Sempol apartments bali front elevation view

Internal corridor with perforated steel stairs
Arrival to corridor of apartments

Side elevation of sempol apartments bali

Another challenge at Sempol Apartments Bali is the neighbors. Since there is no possibility to have views of the surroundings, the views need to be inwards. On top of this, privacy is also another issue that needs attention. To achieve this, we want to create gardens where possible. By doing so, we will get access to a bit of view, privacy, and locations to direct openings to. For extra privacy protection, we need to have screens that are able to break the line of sight. Altogether, the breaking of the mass and long gardens along the site works out to be the best option.

Living room and dining room view

Exterior view of apartments
Dining room of sempol apartments bali

Dining space and kitchenette at sempol apartments bali Swimming pool and deck

The interiors of Sempol Apartments Bali need something bright and light considering the potential limits to sunlight. To mitigate this, we are using light wood finishes, bright white wall finishes and yellow accents. At the same time, we want to have a bit of color pop in the interiors. Our idea is to introduce the color red into the whole palette. This color is applied to red doors and panels, red accessories, and other architectural elements in the design.

Typical bedrooms of apartments

Typical bathrooms
Bathtub area next to vanity made of terrazzo

Bedroom looking towards bathroom sliding panel Exterior side view

Roof steps
Junction between the masses