Sukawidi Ubud Bali

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Sukawidi Ubud Bali

Sukawidi Ubud Bali is a villa compound hiding within Ubud’s natural environment. The compound has a few private villas with different architectural styles. Some of which are traditional Indonesian houses such as joglos, limasan, and others.

Sukawidi Ubud Bali Elevation

Sukawidi Ubud Arrival
Sukawidi Ubud Deck

Sukawidi Ubud Elevation

This compound was missing one key feature, an arrival building. Therefore, the client asked us to design a pavilion that can accommodate several functions. These functions included a reception, a small kitchen, and an indoor and outdoor lounge area.

Sukawidi Ubud Reception

Sukawidi Ubud Reception
Sukawidi Ubud Lobby

Since Ubud is a place of greenery and lush landscapes, we want this pavilion to integrate nicely with its surrounding. The wooden pavilion adopts the traditional Indonesian rough material commonly found in old houses. Additionally, we want to have a seamless feel between the existing villas and this pavilion.

Sukawidi Ubud Outdoor Sukawidi Ubud Outdoor 2 Sukawidi Ubud side elevation