Sukawidi Ubud Bali

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Sukawidi Ubud Bali

Sukawidi Ubud Bali is a villa compound hiding within Ubud’s natural environment. The compound has a few private villas with different architectural styles. Some of which are traditional Indonesian houses such as joglos, limasan, and others. Each of these villas has a uniqueness to them. As a result, we took inspiration from the pre-existing architectural features. One of which is using recycled teak wood and the use of traditional architectural vocabulary.

General view of the pavilion

Drive way into towards the pavilion
Outdoor wooden deck lounge area under a tree

Front elevation of pavilion

While Sukawidi Ubud offers a number of rentable villas, it misses the feature of reception and supporting facilities. Looking at this situation, we suggested having a more gracious space that holds and acts as a lobby building. We recommended designing a long wooden pavilion that is able to hold several functions. As a result, the building is designed to have a reception desk, a small kitchen providing drinks, and an indoor and outdoor lounge. All these space are combined under one continuous structure and roof.

Interior view of lobby

Interior view of lobby looking towards kitchen
Indoor lounge area at Sukawidi Ubud

Since Ubud is a place of greenery and lush landscapes, we want this pavilion to integrate nicely with its surroundings. The wooden pavilion of Sukawidi Ubud uses recycled teak wood for its structure, a wood commonly used in traditional Indonesian houses. Every plank of the teakwood is around 25cm wide and sits in a warehouse owned by the client. We arranged the planks in such a way as to not drill or cut them in any way. As a result, the recycled teak wood is kept intact and reusable for any future needs. Additionally, the ulin wood shingles covering the pavilion represent a more rustic and traditional feel. The structure of the building itself uses recycled teak wood beams taken from a traditional joglo house and reused. All together, we want to have a seamless feel between the existing villas and this pavilion.

Outdoor lounge area at sukawidi ubud Side elevation of the sukawidi ubud pavilion Sukawidi Ubud distant side view