Tatma Residence, Pererenan

Our Journal

Welcome to Tatma Residence, an exquisite 5-bedroom private haven nestled in the serene locale of Pererenan, Bali. Encompassing a sprawling land size of 2700 sqm. It has a meticulously crafted building spanning 1500 sqm. All in all, this residence is a harmonious blend of opulence and Balinese architectural finesse.

Inspired by the revered Balinese architectural hierarchy of Utama, Madya, and Nista – symbolizing the Head, Body, and Feet. Due to this, Tatma Residence embodies a seamless fusion of tradition and modern luxury. It results in each room becomming a sanctuary of space and tranquility. Also, boasting its own ensuite bathroom and walk-in wardrobe, offering unparalleled comfort and privacy.

Tatma Residence River Side elevation
Side elevation of Tatma Residence
Detailed view of corner elevation
Entrance canopy with drop off and cantilevered roof
Tatma House arrival courtyard with large feature tree
Approach to main door
Courtyard Elevation

The heart of the home, the living and dining area, graciously accommodates 12-15 guests, fostering moments of shared joy and connection. Additionally, the design ethos extends to the outdoors, where the open living, dining, and kitchen area boasts double-height ceilings. As a result, we are inviting the lush Balinese landscape indoors.

Arrival into open space living, dining and kitchen
Double height living room of Tatma Residence
Living room of Tatma Residence
Dining and kitchen space
Dining and kitchen space elevation
Double height open living dining and kitchen space
Open plan living, dining and kitchen space with skylight and double height ceilings

Indulge in the ultimate relaxation within the confines of the residence’s SPA, gym, yoga studio, cinema room, home office and analog room. Each facility is curated to cater to every whim and desire. Altogether, you may immerse yourself in cinematic splendor, find serenity in yoga practice, or rejuvenate your senses in the tranquil embrace of the SPA.

Kitchen overlooking the living room
Gym view of Tatma Residence
Yoga studio
Analog Room at Tatma Residence
Home Office at Tatma Residence

Crafted with reverence for local craftsmanship and materials, Tatma Residence showcases the rich tapestry of Balinese culture. From the warm hues of bangkirai wood to the timeless elegance of local paras stone, terrazzo flooring, and marble countertops, every element exudes an air of understated luxury.

Upper connecting corridor
Entrance to Master Bedroom of Tatma Residence
Master bedroom of Tatma Residence
Bathtub at Master Bathroom
Master Bathroom
Guest Bedroom 1 Tatma Residence
Kids bedroom
Kids bedroom
Outdoor Corridor

Nestled adjacent to a Balinese temple, Tatma Residence pays homage to its surroundings with meticulous attention and respect in its design. As a result, the design seamlessly blends into the fabric of its cultural heritage.

Guest Bathtub area
Typical Bathroom at Tatma Residence
Typical Bathroom Vanity
Bathroom with garden view

Experience the epitome of luxury living amidst the enchanting beauty of Bali at Tatma Residence. At Tatma Residence, every moment is a testament to the art of gracious living and timeless elegance.

Outdoor terrace
Swimming pool area
Outdoor view