Uluwatu Project Bali

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Uluwatu Project Bali

The Uluwatu Project Bali started out for us as an interior design project. The project was already under construction when we were asked to continue the architectural design as well and make some adjustments to it. The client wants us to add our architectural and interior signature to the project. However, since the project is already under construction, we had to come up with an idea pretty fast. Finally, after several presentations, the client decided to move forward with our approach and idea.

Uluwatu Project Bali Lobby 1

Uluwatu Project Bali Lobby 2
Uluwatu Project Bali Parking and arrival
Uluwatu Project Bali Lobby 3

The existing condition of the project already has its main structure and shape in place. Therefore, we want to add as many of Bada’s ideas to the project as possible. One of which, adjust several layouts of the rooms and designing the public facilities of the project. Additionally, we want to adjust the materials to reflect a tropical project. As a result, some walls need to move and receive a make-over.

Uluwatu Project Bali restaurant arrival Uluwatu Project Bali restaurant sunset

Uluwatu Project Bali restaurant pool area
Uluwatu project bali restaurant and pool view

Uluwatu Project Bali restaurant and wedding venue

The curved walls are an interesting part of the project. Due to this, we want to embrace the shape further. One of the ideas we have is to adjust the materiality of the walls. We want the material of the walls to be able to highlight the shapes. At the same time, we want the material to be an extra feature of the architecture and interior of the project. We, therefore, decided to use wooden shingles as the key material for the project covering the walls.

Uluwatu Project Bali bedrooms pool Uluwatu project bedrooms pool and bar

Uluwatu project bali bedrooms with bar
Uluwatu project bedroom with ocean view

Uluwatu project bali ocean view villa

Uluwatu project bali dining room
Uuwatu project bali internal skylight