Umah Ubud Residence / Bali

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Umah Ubud Residence / Bali

Umah Ubud Residence is a 3 bedroom private house hiding within the forest of Pejeng close to Ubud, Bali. A never-ending rice paddy surrounds the site, giving it a very Balinese feel. At the same time, it overlooks a cliff with a wide variety of trees and all kinds of tropical plants. The access to the house is through a path within the rice paddies. Because of this, it feels as if you are driving inside the paddies themselves.

Residence in Ubud


Location: Pejeng / Bali

Stage: Concept

Year: 2020

Function: Private Residence

Land Area: 3000sqm

Building Area: 450sqm

Entrance of Residence in UbudFront garden of Residence in Ubud

The morning sun will guide you to the main door as the building’s position faces the cliff and riverside in the West. Walking through the entrance, the open living and dining space welcomes anyone who enters the residence. At the same time, the open living room will be overlooking a curved swimming pool into the cliff of the river. Also, it connects with a large kitchen and an outdoor barbeque area for the owners’ pleasure.

Living room Swimming pool kitchen space

In the design, we want to use a lot of natural materials. Wood, natural limestone, and traditional Balinese weaving are our materials of choice. We believe that the use of natural materials embraces the natural environment where the house is located.

Joglo House Master bedroom Cinema room

All 3 bedrooms have different locations on the site. By doing so, every bedroom will have its’ own experience. The Master Bedroom is by the living room overlooking the pool and cliff. As for the others, one is separated entirely from the house as a rentable house and the other on the lower floor. As a result, every bedroom is unique.