Villa Nyanyi Bali

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Villa Nyanyi Bali

Villa Nyanyi Bali is a 3 villas compound sitting on a triangle-shaped land in Nyanyi Bali. Its requirements combined with the shape of the land make this project a challenge to design. Additionally, the site’s topography gives us additional considerations to create a unique project while giving every villa the ultimate privacy.

Villa Nyanyi Concept 1 Villa Nyanyi Concept 2

We want every project to have amazing views of the gardens while maintaining complete privacy. To achieve this, we plan every plot to have different layers of levels. By doing so, we will allow every plot to overlook the other while still hiding away from the others.

Villa Nyanyi Model

Villa Nyanyi exterior view 1
Villa Nyanyi Exterior Side View

Villa Nyanyo Exterior View 2

To add BADA’s flavor to the design, we want to use earthy and local materials throughout the project. The materials that we use are natural concrete, grey paras walls, yellow balau wood, cement tiles, and others. As for the concrete, we want to add color and texture that will embrace the natural environment. At the same time, using these materials will allow for a more sustainable project.

Villa Nyanyi Bedroom View

Villa Nyanyi Bathroom View
Villa Nyanyi Bedroom View 2

Villa Nyanyi Living Room View 1

The architecture of the project is designed using the idea of staggered blocks. Each of these blocks is facing a different direction. By doing so, every block is looking at another viewing angle giving every villa its unique identity. Additionally, we are allowing for the existing trees to keep their existing location. This at the same time, becomes an additional key feature of the project.

Villa Nyanyi Living Room View 2 Villa Nyanyi Living Room 3

Villa Nyanyi Bathroom 2
Villa Nyanyi Coconut Tree Pass through

Villa Nyanyo Pool Deck