Villa Nyanyi Bali

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Villa Nyanyi Bali

Villa Nyanyi Bali is a villa compound sitting on a triangle-shaped land in Nyanyi Bali. A 5-minute scooter ride brings you to the famous black sandy beach of Nyanyi. Its requirements combined with the shape of the land make this project a challenge to design. The project will hold 4 villa units, each being a fully private 1 bedroom suite. In addition, the site’s topography gives us additional considerations to create a unique project while giving every villa the ultimate privacy.

Villa Nyanyi Bali aerial view River view towards Villa Nyanyi Bali

For Villa Nyanyi Bali, we want to allow each unit to have amazing views of the gardens while maintaining complete privacy. To achieve this, we plan every unit to have different layers of levels. As the contours are considerably extreme, we want to use this characteristic to our advantage by stepping and stacking the villa units. By doing so, we will allow every villa to overlook the other while still being completely private.

Typical bedroom terrace with river view
1 bedroom suite by the river at Villa Nyanyi Bali

Typical bedroom interior at Villa Nyanyi Bali View from bedroom towards river

Villa Nyanyi Bali typical bathroom design
Typical bathtub area at Villa Nyanyi Bali

1 bedroom villa at villa nyanyi bali

We appreciate and value the use of earthy and local materials throughout our projects. Villa Nyanyi Bali is no exception and therefore we want to use as many local materials as possible. The materials that we use are grey paras walls, black stained ironwood, wooden ulin shingles, and bamboo. Holding the building, we use solid recycled ironwood beams stained in black. To reflect the black ambiance, we create a color palette of dark woods, dark khaki walls, bright rattan & bamboo, and grey stones. At the same time, the use of recycled ironwood and bamboo will allow for a more sustainable project.

Shared swimming pool area below mainhouse Connection between 1 bedroom villa and main house

Arrival to main house
Swimming pool and pool deck area

Living and dining room entrance at main house Main house living room space

The architecture of Villa Nyanyi Bali is inspired and influenced by Balinese and Japanese architecture. Using these inspirations allows us to create a more integrated feel between the surroundings and the architecture. One of the many architectural features in this project is the steeply pitched roofs. While being a great feature of traditional housing, it is also great for dispersing rain making the villas more leakproof. Combining this feature with the existing tall trees all over the site makes this a unique and timeless concept.

Outdoor terrace at 1 bedroom villa
1 bedroom villa hanging over contour

Distant view of the project