Villa Uma Dulas / Bali

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Villa Uma Dulas / Bali

This villa is located around the crowded area of Umalas, Bali. We designed this house to fulfill the needs of a Holiday Home for a small happy family. This strip of land is surrounded by a typical tropical environment including Balis cultural soundtrack in the background. The river flowing past the site gives this piece of land a tranquil feature to its crowded surroundings in North Kuta.

Uma Dulas Bali Front Elevation

Location: Canggu

Stage: Concept Design / Un-built

Year: 2016

Function: Private Residence

Land Area: 1.990sqm

Building Area: 389sqm


Uma Dulas Bali Side Elevation

Uma Dulas Bali Exterior View

In a coffee break discussion, the client mentioned that they will frequently visit Bali for their Holidays and to monitor one of their businesses here. With this in mind, we rolled up our sleeves and thought of a unique concept for a simple request from the client. First things first, the villa will require a minimum of 3 Bedrooms to accommodate this family with 2 children. We designed this project to share its tropical living space with many people. We then decided that it would be possible to make this villa rentable at times when the client is currently not around.

Villa Uma Dulas Bali Architect 04 Villa Uma Dulas Bali Architect 05

Next on the list was the unique architectural concept. The idea was that this house would embrace every space tropically. Every person inside each space should be able to enjoy the Balinese surroundings and experience a tropical life. We brought simple shapes into play, staggering one block over the other. By doing so, we created open spaces underneath which then acted as the main spaces of the villa.

Villa Uma Dulas Bali Architect 06 Villa Uma Dulas Bali Architect 07 Villa Uma Dulas Bali Architect 08

Talking about materials, we wanted to use simple and locally crafted materials. As a result, the materials that we chose were local stones and local wood, and to create a special architectural feature using bricks. Therefore, the local Balinese raw brick pattern was adopted into this project.

Villa Uma Dulas Bali Architect 09 Villa Uma Dulas Bali Architect 10 Villa Uma Dulas Bali Architect 11

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